Making Good Commercials


Ads serve a purpose of trying to persuade or convince people to buy a particular product or service. Commercial ads try to use TV as the medium for persuasion. Though lots of money is spent on the allotted spots, there is no guarantee that commercials will have the impact that it was intended to have. Especially if you take what the TV stations slap together for you.  There you are just another number on their list of junk to turn out.  You get a pan to the left, a pan to the right, low resolution video, music that's been in their "Stock" for 2 years or more, some cheap overlayed font and your audience will in the kitchen and never pay attention to what you're trying to show them.  Here are a few qualities that make up a good commercial.


Provides Entertainment

Commercials that can entertain people will have a greater impact than the ones that are boring. These ads may have characters that have charisma. One may also find that the characters have attractive features that make you want to keep watching them. The cast in the commercial is talented and they may have an ability to dance or sing well.

If it's an animation, you can really make a good impact on the audience.  Animations are something "New" and "Different" thus your audience will pay attention.  It could be that the special effects or graphics are really exciting.

Bright and Imaginative

Some of the best commercials will be very clever. When you watch the commercial, it really makes you think or may make you aware of something that you didn't originally think of. In fact, some campaigns are not even designed to be understood. Rather to provoke thought and a lasting impression. Those commercials that lack the intelligence and clever factor stand the risk of being avoided completely. Viewers may decide to change the channel or turn off the TV completely.

Some of the techniques used by some companies are to use well thought out dialogue between characters. Others will use well thought out sequences to make the target audience ponder.

It's catchy

Those commercials that leave a lasting impression on viewers usually have catchy phrases or jingles. When commercials have catchy lines, people remember the commercial long after it has ended. Commercials like these may use subtle humor as well.

This technique is very successful because it's just like listening to your favorite song on the radio. People may not always know the title of the song at first but they remember a line in the song. Eventually, they find out the title of the song after hearing the same song over and over. This is the same idea for a commercial that has a catchy jingle or phrase.

Has an element of allure

Everywhere you turn, you probably see images of attractive people and clothes in different forms of advertising. Physical attractiveness is definitely a quality that sells. This doesn't mean that one has to show graphic or inappropriate images. A commercial can just hint at sensuality to sell some products or services.  (On the other hand if you have someone that hit all of the branches falling out of the ugly tree, people will probably watch that also :-)  )

Has an element of humor

When all else fails, make them laugh. Laughter has healing qualities and will help relieve one's stress levels.  There have been detailed psychological studies that have documented the effects that humour has with the power to persuade. Often, these are also the most memorable campaigns that stand the test of time.

The right casting can make all the difference. Combining all these factors can set your advert apart from the rest and lead to a high impact campaign that gets results.  Having a company that understands all of this makes ALL the difference.  Most people tell us what they want to get across and don't want to have any more input.  They just see the product when it's finished.  (Then you don't limit our Creativity!)