Aerial Imaging - Aerial Photos, Hollywood Videos

Need something a little more demanding than taking simple pictures from the ground? (We still do that too) That's where Aesthetix can really take you to new heights . . . quite literally.  Our stunning images and videos are featured in commercials, magazines, you name it all over the world. 

How do we do it?  With REAL helicopters, not those silly little kids toys.   The best way to achieve the perfect photo is with a stable platform that is easily maneuverable to any altitude and the only tool for the job is helicopters.  Our experience first hand piloting the aircraft combined with second to none visual imaging work is the perfect combination. 

We have a fleet of aircraft ready for your project, from a Schweizer 300c, Bell 47J2, or a Bell 206 Jet Ranger.  Based upon the specifics we will make our determination on the best choice for you.  We have been know to take flight in the middle of the night in fixed wing aircraft for photo shoots as well, however our preference for shooting platform is helicopters.  However, if we determine your project to be more suited to fixed wing based on cost efficiency, we have 3 of those as well. 

The following video depicts an uncut, unedited video that was shot while making a low pass over King Knob Off Road Park during and event. We made intentional fast pans and tilts, leaned out extensively for most of the flight while waving at onlookers. . .Freehand! That being said, when we're strapped in the end result is nothing short of spectacular.

Our list of client type is quite broad:
Hollywood Production Companies
Oil & Gas Pipeline InspectionAuto Dealerships
Landmarks/Landscapes (Bridges, Stadiums, Hospitals)
Construction Projects
Personal Homes
Event Coverage - (Usually multi operator but can be combined to one dependant on event and expectations)
Sporting Events - Races, Tough Mudders