Commercial Productions - Video Productions - Moving Pictures - Short Films - Image Films... you get the point.

When looking for a company to develop your image through video, there's only one choice.  Aesthetix is different.   Not like. . . weird "artsy" different, more like, cutting edge, crisp, clean always striving to get better.  Months after we've finished a product, we review to see what we've learned from the past.  Then we start the day off learning more.  It's a daunting task because there is so much out there, but we hate complacency and want the best for our customers. 

Normally when you pick a firm, you're looking for someone that's either really strong in video, or one that's really strong in motion graphics - it's very difficult to find both.  While motion graphics are one of the most challenging aspects, video requires a little more. . . finesse.  We're world renowned for our Motion Graphics, and even see advertisements elsewhere that use some of the products we've built as graphic packages.  Are we mad?  No, flattered.

What you get with Aesthetix is the absolute best of both.  Combine unparalleled video and graphics together with the widest array of equipment, and most technologically advanced camera systems, jibs, audio controllers, specialized lighting equipment, cranes, dollys, gyro systems, RC Aerial Helicopters, as well as a fleet of REAL helicopters and airplanes, we have the capability to do whatever your dream is. 

heli2Aerial Filming/Photography - HELICOPTERS
Schweizer 300c (super stable platform, cost effeicient, nimble)Bell 47J2 (fantastic setup for our gyros to work out of)
Bell 206Jet Ranger (Great setup for gyros/gimbal, and recorders with added power of Turbine Engine)

FAKE HELICOPTERS - We have those too.

Regardless of what you need from a fully animated project, straight up video or a combination of both, there's no one better.