Choosing a web designer is a crucial decision, as a good website can bring you more business and a bad one can drive away prospective customers. We have hundreds upon hundreds of websites that were custom tailored to our clients. None of this cookie cutter nonsense.  Simply, pay attention to the individual customer, learn their actual goals and needs, and make suggestions accordingly.  Pretty simple right?  We think so.  Want to see what we can do? Send us a message via the contact us page or give us a call. 

Below are some important things to consider when selecting a website designer for your project.

What Types Of Web Designers Are There?

  • Website Designer - helps you to determine the page layout, graphics, text location and colors of your site, as well as the navigation and how pages will cross-link to one another. He may also do the actual computer programming and graphic art work for the site, or may hire out that work to a programming specialist. A Website Designer is the project manager for your site design.

  • Website Programmer - takes the design from the Designer and creates the code to make the site run. He is also responsible for all the technical stuff that happens behind-the-scenes to make sure the site works properly for your visitors.

  • Graphic Designer - creates the graphics for the site, including page layout, colors, etc. Think of this person as the "visual artist" for your site.

  • Internet Marketing Consultant - helps you to determine how your website fits into your overall marketing strategy, and how to get more traffic and sales from your website.

    So, where does Aesthetix fall in this category?  All Four in one.  Look no further, we got you covered and we're always learning new, exciting things to better ourselves!  (And you!)